SHORT COURSE 2022 – Plastic Reincarnation

8- 22 October 2022

Plastic reincarnation is a “Super Shortcourse” program held by the collective study Gudskul to conduct dialogue about environmental issues by focusing on the use of plastic with an artistic practice approach. This time, the Gudskul collective study series invites GudRnD and Stuffolab to share and distribute the knowledge and work practices they have carried out to the wider public.

This Super Shortcourse aims to create relationships between artists, environmental activists, students and residents who will act directly as Shortcourse participants. During the Shortcourse session, participants will discuss with facilitators the impact of plastic, plastic waste management and dig deeper into creative ways to manage it into something new. The Super Shortcourse “Plastic Reincarnation” consists of 4 meetings over the weekend and 2 meetings to focus on creating work that participants will present at the end of the session.

Apart from inviting GudRnD and Stuffolab, Gudskul collective studies also invited Lab Tanya to explain the concept of a city without waste which is part of their program. This session tries to share and discuss program processes that collaborate with residents and encourage community-based activities that encourage community production and consumption culture. Sumpah Sampah will also collaborate to share its experiences as an organization that produces plastic waste management machines and discuss how it is possible to produce waste management tools on a home scale. Get Plastic will also share the development process for processing plastic waste into fuel with the involvement of residents as collaborators and beneficiaries. At the end of the session, there will be a meeting with Unconditional design which will help the imagination to imagine what ideas were present during the Shortcourse process to be developed together and presented in the exhibition.

Workshop Facilitator

STUFFO is a unique-durable-artistic bag project initiated by visual artist MG Pringgotono. The main production is recycled materials. She repurposes art event banners to preserve event memories and turns them into durable and artistic bag designs. By using leftover banners he is also trying to preserve the environment by reducing plastic waste.

Plastic Reincarnation Short Course Program Module

  • Manage a city without waste
  • Making a waste management machine
  • Developing fuel with waste
  • Understand the production of plastic products
  • Managing waste with artistic practices
    Art exhibition

Why take the Gudskul Short Course?”

  • Offers a relaxed “hang out while learning” process.
  • Learn directly with art practitioners about specific subjects that are rare in Jakarta at affordable prices.
  • As capacity building for employees of arts institutions and creative offices in Jakarta.
  • Every evening, participants can network with national and international art practitioners in the Gudskul ecosystem on a casual basis.
  • Receive sharpening methods of work through the facilities of teachers, artists, writers, musicians, curators and spaces in the Gudskul ecosystem.
  • Certificates and works in the Class Meeting showcase can add to the participant’s portfolio.
  • As a form of support for the sustainability of Gudskul which is part of the local and global contemporary art ecosystem.