RRREC Fest is an annual program which takes place since 2010. A music festival, RRREC Fest showcases and unites various artist groups, communities, musicians and music organizers from many places around the world. RRREC Fest is ruangrupa’s effort together with young artists to put forth fresh, innovative and inspiring ideas for music-loving young generation and citizen of Jakarta in general.

RRREC Fest is a statement on the importance of alternative spirit, not only imperative in music world, but also in many facets of cultural practice. RRREC Fest is a place of meeting for music lover while serving the function of creating new network with musicians, bands, performers, independent music festival organizations, especially those coming from Asia and its surrounding region, enabling dialogue for new collaborative works in the future.

To date, RRRec Fest has been held nine times.

  • 2011 RRRec Fest – ruangrupa Music Festival
  • 2011 RRRec Fest #2
  • 2013 RRR The Showcase
  • 2014 RRRec Fest in The Valley #1
  • 2015 RRRec Fest in The Valley #2
  • 2015 RRRec Fest Menteng
  • 2016 RRRec Fest in The Valley
  • 2017 RRRec Fest Showcase #1, #2, #3
  • 2017 RRRec Fest in The Valley