We are setting off from a contemporary art ecosystem developed from a not-for-profit work model. A large part of our operational support comes from our constitutive collective, which in turn were given by donor institution, sponsors and independent funding from our business unit, apart from the funds given from our member out of their own volition. When we decided to work together as an ecosystem, we tried to set a system of co-storehouse where every resource we have is collected and shared in proportion to every collective need. The various resources from every collective comes in many forms: money, program, equipment or even books. We pooled those assets for easier access and sharing for every member of the collective.

Gudskul Ekosistem consists of many elements: artists, curators, art writers, managers, researchers, musicians, directors, architects, cooks, artistic designers, designers, fashion designers, street artists and individuals with various other expertise. This variety makes Gudskul an affluent and dynamic ecosystem. Gudskul also houses a multitude of collectives with differing practices and artistic mediums: installation, archive, video, sound, performance, media art, public participation, printmaking, graphic design, education, etc. This variegated bunch also enrich the issues and involved parties in many collaborative projects, socially, politically, culturally, economically, environmentally or even educationally.