Art direction
Book design
Conceptual and content development
Curatorial consultation
Event and exhibition designs
Identity creation and promotional prints
Product design
Promotional design
Website design

RUX (formerly RURU Corps), a visual communications agency founded in 2011 by three arts organizations based in Jakarta; namely Ruangrupa (, Forum Lenteng ( and SERRUM (www. which have dozens of years of experience in carrying out interdisciplinary collaborations in carrying out art project activities – including: all types of exhibitions visual arts, video and music festivals, design work and installations, to book publishing. RUX works using various media and methods, which are then adapted to various communication strategy requirements. RUX supports potential collaborators and is open to experimentation in the form of ideas and dialogue; through conceptualization, exploration, space awareness, and also public involvement and interaction. RUX will further realize your ideas to a more interesting and unique level.


Sharing experience and knowledge are the two main ideas behind RUX. If knowledge sharing has become a major concern for you — we offer engaging and fun tactics that can combine with your ideas and develop them further more artistically with a unique strategy: an intimate and personal approach to communication, which allows people to get to know themselves through your presence.